Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Brains Behind The Machine

Colleagues have long teased me about the activity in my classroom.  There's always been singing, dancing, acting, and just general craziness tied into the curriculum.
So, this summer, when I happened across Whole Brain Teaching, I could almost hear the "Hallelujah" chorus.  I just knew-

"That will teach them."

Unlike other teaching books, this one was extremely practical.  I knew exactly what to do and when.
Best of all, it made sense.  Everything was backed up with brain research!  Deep down, I knew this was the right way to teach kids.
Then came the videos! A friend of mine and I began watching webcasts one after another, comparing notes and looking forward to the beginning of the year.  Everything I saw reiterated what I believed about kids and learning.  So, this year, I dove right in.

I began Whole Brain techniques before students even stepped foot into the classroom.  I had studied the webcasts about the first moments of WBT and the whole day was jam-packed with the 5 rules, the Scoreboard, Class-Yes, and Teach-Ok.  I didn't feel like a single second was wasted.
For the past four months I have implemented Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom, gradually adding new techniques.  I was convinced before trying it out, but watching the results proves all the theories outlined by Coach B.  The techniques are slowly starting to seep through the building as other teachers notice the results.  Classroom management is a breeze, scores are raising, and everyone's having fun, including me!
I look forward to becoming certified and enjoying the results of Teacher Heaven.
Thanks, Whole Brain.  Thanks, Coach B.
Here goes!